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You have 0 friends linked to your account and 20 Referrals remaining.
  • Level together and faster
  • Gain rewards if your friend subscribes
  • Get a unique two-person mount
More details on how it works...
You are not allowed to Refer friends who used to or still play,
Use the Refer a Friend instead!
Fill in your friend's information below, along with any custom message you would like to send, and we will send an e-mail containing an invitation to the provided address. You can track the status of each Refer a Friend invitation here.
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Manual Automatic

Manual Version is available right now. Automatic Method will be coming in the near future. Stay Tuned at: WoWFailureCMS for any updates.

Your friend will need to follow the instructions in the e-mail in order to create the link between your accounts. View the steps they will take.